Tuska Festival area is located on the Suvilahti event field.

Festival area opening hours
Fri 28.6.2024  TBA
Sat 29.6.2024 TBA
Sun 30.6.2024 TBA

The last artist of each day will conclude their show 60 minutes before the festival gates close.

Arriving to the festival
The festival entrance is near shopping center Redi, the corner of Koksikatu and Leonkatu. There is only one public entrance.

The best way to arrive to Tuska is by public transport: closest metro stop is Kalasatama, at shopping center Redi.

See Helsinki City Transport website for details.

Please note that parking in Helsinki is chargeable.

There is no public parking for cars or bicycles at the festival.

To book a taxi call 0100 0700.

Age limit
Age limit for Tuska is 18 years for all customers. Be prepared to present identification.

Please go to tickets page:



Please go to Tuska KVLT page:


Customers who are justified to a personal assistant can have one person assisting them. Personal assistants do not need to buy a ticket to access the festival area. The assistant does not have to be the same person on every day of the festival. There are viewing platforms near the mixing desks of the stages.

Suvilahti event field is made as accessible as possible  but please note that there are differences in height and areas of grass and sand where movement can be more challenging. Accessible routes are marked with signs.


The closest camping area is Rastila, by the metro stop of the same name.



We do not accept any form of discrimination, harassment or inappropriate treatment of others -
At Tuska, everyone is responsible for their own behavior!

Take action if you see or experience discrimination, harassment or improper treatment
If necessary, turn to the staff at a low threshold and ask for help.
Don't make assumptions, but communicate, ask and ensure.
Permission is needed in order to touch another person.
Please respect other people's boundaries, wishes and will after you have first made sure what is ok and what is not.
Being nice and caring are allowed, even desirable.
Let's keep the atmosphere open and communal.
Everyone has the right to be themselves at Tuska - that includes you!

Security check
The festival security personnel will perform a security check at the gate, which also includes a physical check according to the instructions, taking sensitivity into account. The agelimit to the festival is 18 years. Please be prepared to present your ID, security will check ID's when entering the festival area.

You can leave your belongings in the cloakroom by the festival gate, after the security check. The cloakroom fee is 3,50€. Please note that huge backpacks or other large items can not be stored at cloakroom. Those items can be left at the Helsinki railway station storage.

Harrassment contact person
Tuska festival has the services of a harassment contact person. You can make a harassment report about an incident, which has been directed at either another person or yourself.
Harassment reports will improve event security in the future. You can report harassment at Tuska whether you are working, a festival guest or a performer. If you wish, you can also get discussion help, as well as guidance for solving possible difficult situations.

The goal is to provide as safe a space as possible for everyone at Tuska. The employees of the event are instructed to act in case of harassment, but responsibility for our own behavior lies primarily with all of us. By our own action and with our attitudes we can influence and build a more equal, respectful and open society and a conversational atmosphere around us.
Everyone has the right to feel safe at the Tuska without fear of any kind of discrimination, harassment, sexual or verbal harassment.

If necessary, you can contact the harassment contact person by phone on the event days.

More details about the arassment contact person will be available closer to festival time.

The harassment contact person has a duty of confidentiality and acts as an impartial supporter. He  can help in clarifying situations and, if necessary, guide you to get help within the scope of a suitable service.

Festival safety
A large group of professionals from event safety personnel to harassment contact person are looking after the safety of the event. On top of that there are also police and emergency services on site. You can recognize the event safety personnel from their bright yellow or orange vests. Please contact them in any issues. 

Prohibited items
Bringing your own alcohol beverages to the festival area is strictly prohibited. Bag check will be in effect upon entering the festival. You can bring one (1) empty plastic bottle per customer. Max. size 1,5 litres. Security personnel is allowed to forbid any "suspicious" bottles and ask to leave those to the cloakroom. Drinking horns are allowed in the festival area.

Please note safety with accessories (especially extremely studded bracelets etc.) and clothing.

Professional camera equipment, all recorders, selfie sticks, cans, bottles, umbrellas, disposable grills and all things that can be considered dangerous are strictly prohibited, at the security personnel's discretion. It’s not allowed to bring animals to the festival area.

Fold out chairs
Fold out chairs are permitted in the festival area, but not in front of the stages or other highly crowded areas.

Protect your hearing
Tuska adheres to the sound pressure limits set by the authorities. Remember to protect your hearing.

Cameras & Recording
Professional photo equipment requires press accerditation. Press accreditation & photo passes will be granted for media personnel only, not private customers. Pocket cameras & cell phone cameras are allowed. All video cameras and other recording equipment are strictly prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited in immediate approximity of all stages. in tents, under covers, indoors stage and queueing areas. Please respect others when smoking.

First aid & pharmacy
There are first aid points at the festival area. The nearest pharmacy is located in REDI. Yliopiston Apteekki, Mannerheimintie 96, is open 24 hours.

The Tuska festival has been granted the Check! label for safe events by the Finnish event industry association Tapahtumateollisuus ry.


Responsibility for Tuska means concrete actions and development work in each of the three areas of sustainable development: social responsibility, environmental responsibility and economic responsibility. By developing all three in a balanced way, we are accelerating change for the better.

In a nutshell:
-    Tuska is a tribe that is safe to belong to. Going crazy, shouting and having fun are basic rights for everyone at Tuska. Everyone is allowed to do these things as long as they respect others and the principles of equality, fairness and diversity.
-    The focus of our environmental work is on reducing the environmental impact of the event and promoting environmental responsibility and awareness in cooperation with festival partners, service providers, subcontractors and the public. We are constantly working towards more sustainable solutions and compensating for what we cannot immediately change for the better.
-    Tuska indirectly employs around a thousand people a year. The economic multiplier effects of the festival weekend are significant for many sectors and actors.
-    Tuska’s influence extends to society’s backstage, from co-operation with local residents to increasing social inclusion and supporting low-income families.

Read more about Tuska sustainability.

How to act responsibly in the Tuska festival area:

1.    Use public transport to get to and from Tuska.
2.    Try not to generate food waste and drink waste.
3.    Recycle actively: dispose of your trash in either biowaste or mixed waste containers.
4.    Return deposit cans to their collection points.
5.    Use the tap water points located throughout the festival area.
6.    Come as you are, but don’t cause a nuisance to others. If you observe inappropriate behaviour, inform one of the stewards or our harassment contact person.


Lost & Found
All lost & found items will be delivered to the main police station in Pasila the week after the festival. You can try and locate yours at the end of the business week.

Food & Drink
There are different kinds of food stalls and Black Dining à la carte restaurant at the festival area (reservations for Black Dining

There are water taps for public at the venue.

You can bring small amounts of your own snacks, e.g. a couple of bananas are allowed. Own food portions are not allowed.

Tuska applications now available:

Deposit system & Recycling
Tuska has a deposit system. Beverage cans can be returned to any serving point. The same also applies to wine decanters and hard plastic wine glasses. Also, please sort your trash in appropriate containers.

Tuska Official Merchandise
Latest Tuska gear from here!

Band Merchandise
Can you festival without a new band shirt? Not really.


We accept credit & debit cards and mobile payment. Note! No cash!


Helsinki – It’s a good life  

Helsinki is a place like no other. Unpolished, yet completely modern and Nordic. And that’s the way we like it. Helsinki allows you to be yourself and live life that looks like you - whether you take your metal black, heavy or extreme.
Our idea of a lively city is not just urban hustle and bustle. It’s something you can truly connect with – endless strips of calming seashore, untamed nature, ice dipping in the city centre, enjoying hot steams in a community sauna by the water and spontaneous outdoor parties blasting your favourite tunes from your metal playlist.
So, that’s a good life in Helsinki. Sometimes unexpected, a tad unconventional, and always welcomed, as are you.
Get ready for your Helsinki experience
No matter what time of year you visit Helsinki, you will always experience something new. Summer, autumn, winter and spring all dress the city in different clothing - all shades of black included - and offer lots of unique experiences. Why not visit and start exploring?
Design and culture everywhere! 
Design can be found everywhere in Helsinki. Good design is an integral part of life here, belonging to everyone and enhancing the quality of life of its residents. From functional furniture for decorating your personal vampire lair to innovative urban planning solutions which can e.g. make your journey from hotel to the nearest concert venue more flexible, Helsinki's design ethos is characterized by simplicity, functionality, and beauty. Visitors to the city can experience firsthand how good design can improve the way we live, work, and play. Drumroll.
Finland’s world-renowned modern design heritage can be seen everywhere in Helsinki. Famous brands like Marimekko, Iittala, Artek and Arabia are a cool part of everyday life here. Not forgetting more recent additions to the well-known Finnish streetwear phenomena such as Makia, Karhu, R-Collection - and the always fashionable: classic black band t-shirt. Discover the countless boutiques of the Design District! Learn more about design in Helsinki at
Flourishing food culture
Helsinki, long renowned for its artistic and cultural offerings, is now widely thought of as the hottest place for food lovers, drawing foodies from all over the world. The new generation of Helsinki-based chefs is elevating the capital’s dining scene, mixing modern and international culinary skills with unique Finnish traditions and a strong environmental ethos.  
Try delicious local food from fresh seasonal ingredients, or treat yourself to a meal at one of the unique seaside restaurants.’s restaurant section is waiting for you. And as leaving Helsinki without trying out food that is uniquely Finnish, traditional and metal is unacceptable, do try out salmiakki, the salty liquorice that all locals love. As we all know, Finland is so metal, even our candy is black.
Sea – and saunas – all around you
Helsinki is one of the few capital cities in the world where real nature can be experienced in the middle of the city. Helsinki breathes the sea with 130 km of shoreline and the city area includes around 300 islands, most reachable by bridges and ferries. Despite its energy, Helsinki hasn’t surrendered its tranquillity, silence and clean air. Some cities drain your energy, but in Helsinki you can recharge more of it.  
Being the capital of Finland, it should be no surprise that Helsinki has some great public saunas – both traditional neighbourhood saunas and brand new design saunas. There’s no better way to relax after a long festival day than laying on a sauna bench and enjoying the hot steams in an authentic Finnish sauna! Start experiencing Helsinki’s saunas at
Happiness is the local state of mind
Year after year, Finland tops the world Happiness index. Possibly, this trend is because Finns enjoy simple pleasures – like clean air, pure water and walking around in the woods – to the fullest. Finnish happiness is the calm and peaceful type; it’s an appreciation for how things work and the ability to pause and admire the little things in life. And keep in mind that besides being ranked as the happiest country in the world, Finland does boast more heavy metal bands per capita than any other country on earth. Coincidence?
Helsinki’s locals are extremely open and hospitable, and most speak English fluently, so don’t be afraid to ask us for advice. We’d love to tell you about Helsinki’s greatest secrets! Meet’s local guides.


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