Tuska Festival area is located on the Suvilahti event field. Street address nearest to the festival entrance is the corner of koksikatu and leonkatu, near shopping center REDI.

Festival area opening hours
Fri 28.6.2019    13:00-01:00
Sat 29.6.2019   13:00-01:00
Sun 30.6.2019  14:00-23:00

The last artist of each day will conclude their show 60 minutes before the festival gates close. Exact show times from the schedule page

Age limit
Age limit for Tuska 2019 is 18 years for all customers.

Arriving to the festival
The best way to arrive to Tuska is by public transport: closest metro stop is Kalasatama, at shopping center REDI which is located a several hundred meters from the festival area.

See Helsinki City Transport website for details.

Please note that parking in Helsinki is chargeable. Unfortunately there is no public parking for cars or bicycles at the festival.

To book a taxi call 0100 0700.

Please go to tickets page:

VIP Area 51 is located near Black Dining, next to itäväylä. Please see map at VIP Area 51 is open during festival opening hours.

Tuska 2019 VIP pass, lanyard & wristband
VIP entrance to the festival area
Access to the VIP Area 51
VIP Area 51 services: bar, VIP sanitary facilities, sauna & palju
One meal each day the VIP pass is valid in Black Dining or Burger kiosks.

The ticket is exchanged into a pass (laminate) and a wristband. Those can be collected in advance from Tuska wristband exchange point on the 2nd floor of shopping center REDI. The best way to arrive to REDI is by metro, to Kalasatama station. Watch a video how to get there.

Wristband Exchange at REDI hours:

Mon 24.6.     klo 12 - 18
Tue25.6.      klo 12 - 18
Wed 26.6.     klo 12 - 18
Thu 27.6.      klo 12 - 20
Fri 28.6.        klo 10 - 18

Be prepared to present identification when collecting your pass. The pass and wristband are personal, so it is not possible to collect one on behalf of a friend. You will also receive one Food Voucher per each of your VIP-day. With the voucher you can purchase your meal at the VIP-area.

You can also collect your pass & wristband when arriving to the festival, from the VIP/Press/Media-booth which is located at the festival main gate (Koksikatu 1). On Friday there is a separate line for VIP Area 51 guests, look for the VIP Area 51 sign.

The VIP/Press/Media -booth is open during the following hours.

Friday 28.6.            12.00 - 22.30
Saturday 29.6.        13.00 - 22:30
Sunday 30.6.          14.00 - 20.30

Food voucher is good for one portion at the bar area's Black Dining restaurant or Burger Kiosks. Drinks not included.

You can make a Black Dining table reservation at: Please note that a reservation fee of 10€ per person will be charged for online reservations. The amount will be deducted from the final bill. It's also possible to dine at Black Dining without reservation - on first come, first served principle.

Age limit for Tuska 2019 is 18 years.


”Tiny Tuska” offers plenty of entertainment for children in the form of ”Tiny Tuska”, which takes place on Sunday June 30th between 14:00 - 17:00 on Tuska festival grounds at Suvilahti. ”Tiny Tuska” is a brand new concept where all three-day ticket as well as any Sunday-option Tuska ticket holders can bring a child between the ages of 0-10 years to get familiar with the metal festival atmosphere.

”Tiny Tuska” starts already at noon, at Tuska-Kiska kiosk in the shopping center REDI with face painting metalhead style and other metal manouvers. After getting geared up, the mini legion will march on to the festival site to see the mighty Hevisaurus perform on the Tent Stage at 15:00 hrs.

"Tiny Tuska” will be concluded back at the Tuska-Kiska in REDI, where Hevisaurus signing session will commence at 17:00. Tuska festival area program will continue program suitable only for adults.


Circo - Maneesi venue

If your ears are satisfied but your eyes are still looking for more, let your pitch-black soul guide you to the Metastazis Studio. Admire the gothic chalices and the graphic art of Valnoir. At TuskaExpo you can also purchase the master’s art to darken your own domestic cave!

Metalheads Against Bullying
Every metalhead citizen knows that, beneath the studs and leather, we are all the same and equal to each other. Metalheads Against Bullying is spreading the word that everyone moshes on a level playing field. At TuskaExpo you can purchase MAB t-shirts and other heavy merch, the proceeds from which go towards combatting bullying!
If you don’t get enough hits in the mosh pit, Scar Team will make sure you don’t leave Tuska without at least some scars, ink and piercings in your skin. At TuskaExpo top body modification professionals will tune your carcass into exquisite shape!

Keltainen Jäänsärkijä
The legendary record store will once again roll into Tuska. With an impressive 30 years of know-how, the “Yellow Icebreaker” will make sure that every metalhead gets the vinyl they deserve. So start working on your shopping list and bring home the tunes you’ve been looking for!

Deadfine makes sure that even the most demanding metal dudes and dudesses can get fitted out in the most credible attire for Tuska. Here you will find the blackest shirts, roughest accessories and lots of other dark additions to your festival look!

Beard Park
The dark scissor hands at Beard Park will put your heavy hair in order. Whether you need to trim the ends of your headbanging locks or reshape your beard, these surly professionals will do the job with icy precision. At TuskaExpo you don’t even need an appointment!

The number of the recycled beast is uusixsixsix! The City of Helsinki’s Uusix Workshop turns old matter into new forms under the guidance of the smiths of the underworld. The workshop supports the employment opportunities of journeymen and helps them realise their dark visions. You can purchase these devilishly fine artefacts made in the Uusix metal and jewellery workshops at TuskaExpo!

Shadow Room Project
What is the essence of darkness? You can find the answer at Tuska, where this very question is dissected by the Shadow Room Project. If you prefer shadowy alleyways to sunny paths, you might be the right expert to take part in the survey and scribe your dark thoughts in the black book!

Routa Design
Tuska’s very own master blacksmith Kirsi Vahtera has forged iron for the festival since 2016! This summer, you can purchase her brand-new line of jewellery at TuskaExpo. These jewels are enough to make even the thief of the Sampo jealous!

Viking Drinking Horns
We sell polished and natural Viking Drinking Horns, all treated with our unique food safe varnish so we guarantee no bad smell or taste, we sell leather belt holders and metal stands to display the horns and we sell all sizes of drinking horns from 50 ml to 3 litres.

Lehmus Roastery
Music is not the only dark roast that Tuska has to offer. Lehmus Roastery sees to it that festival-goers get to sip the strongest coffees and edgiest Early Grave teas. The roastery serves such black products that even the weariest metalhead will be sent spinning back to the mosh pit!


Physically disabled and visually impaired customers can bring an escort (1 person). Escorts of disabled people do not need to buy a ticket to access the festival area. There are viewing platforms near the mixing desks of the stages. The accessible route from the main gate to the festival files is marked on the map. Please note that other the routes include stairs.

All toilet areas shown on the festival map include accessible toilets.


3 Kaverin Jäätelö

3 Kaverin Jäätelö is a Finnish company that produces delicious ice cream from natural ingredients. The selection includes both traditional ice creams, vegan ice cream and less sugar ice cream.

Black Dining

Tuska's own restaurant where you can feed your blackened soul and tame your hunger. You can reserve a table in advance from Tableonline. A reservation fee of 10€ per person will be charged for online reservations. The amount will be deducted from the final cheque. It's also possible to dine at Black Dining without reservation - on first come, first served principle.

Bun & Yi

Bun & Yi Premium Asian Food offers tasty Asian festival food made from fresh ingredients like popular chicken kung po and fried noodles.


The story of Cone's began when three friends decided to bring crepe’s familiar from Tokyo to Finland. The Creppers' street food version is filled with fresh berries and fruit, as well as delicious tastes all the way from Nutella and whipped cream to Oreo biscuits. The use of fresh berries and fruits is, among other things, the Cone's trump card, along with happy customer service and experimential food experience. Take a picture of your portion!

Flying Reindeer

Fresh tastes from the North! Reindeer burgers and other delicacies!

Garden by Olo

Garden by Olo is a bistro equipped with a relaxed atmosphere. We combine the tasty Nordic flavors of the world.

Habibi Mediterrenean Cuisine

Habibi is one of the most popular restaurants with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine in Helsinki and offers a wide range of vegetable, vegan, chicken, and salad dishes



JJ's BBQ offers long-smoked meats with appropriate supplements with self-made JJ's BBQ Smoker-oven. We offer genuine BBQ delicacies from burgers to rich meat chips.

Joen Ruokapriha

Joen Ruokapriha offers quality fish and quarry dishes. Dishes include fried potatoes or french fries, warm vegetables and house sauce (garlic, bbq) and coleslaw salad.


Mo Kitchen & Cafe

MO Kitchen and Cafe offers a North African food concept with fresh seasonal ingredients. Our selections contain meals for both vegans and meat lovers. Our products get their kick out seven basic elements of Moroccan Kitchen: couscous, tagine, charmoula, harisa, ras el hanout, marinated lemons and brewa. These traditional elements are brought up with modern twist!


Ônam is a new kind of Vietnamese food concept that offers its customers genuine Vietnamese food directly from the street kitchen. The concept is created by couple Leida & Theo, whose food philosophy includes light and healthy portions made with family recipes. Most of the meals are gluten-free and vegan alternatives are available.

Papa's Smokery BBQ

Papa's Smokery BBQ offers premium Streed Food, which is made with carefully selected and high-quality ingredients. Our portions contain first-rate meats, which are smoked in our own smoke oven slowly and with mild heat. With us, you get the portions quickly without unnecessary queuing, so you can concentrate on the essentials, without compromising taste and quality!


Hotels & Camping
Clarion offers a hotel option for Tuska: - 15% from the day's price with promocode ”TUSKA” during 24.6 - 5.7.2019. Reservations from the sales service with email: or by phone 010 850 3820.

The closest camping area is Rastila, by the metro stop of the same name.



Security check
The festival security personnel will check you at the security check before entering the festival area. The agelimit to the festival is 18 years. Please be prepared to present  your ID, security will check ID's when entering the festival area.

You can leave your belongings in the cloakroom by the festival gate. The cloakroom fee is 3€. Please note that huge backpacks or other large items can not be stored at cloakroom. Those items can be left at the Helsinki railway station storage.

Prohibited items
Bringing your own alcohol beverages to the festival area is strictly prohibited. Bag check will be in effect upon entering the festival. You can bring one (1) transparent, unopened plastic bottle of non-alcoholic beverage, or a transparent and empty plastic bottle per customer. Max. size 1,5 litres. Security personnel is allowed to forbid any "suspicious" bottles and ask to leave those to the cloakroom.

Please note safety with accessories (especially extremely studded bracelets etc.) and clothing.

Professional camera equipment, all recorders, cans, bottles, umbrellas, disposable grills and all things that can be considered dangerous are strictly prohibited, at the security personnel's discretion. It’s not allowed to bring you pet to festival area.

Fold out chairs
Fold out chairs are permitted in the festival area, but not in front of the stages or other highly crowded areas.

Cameras & Recording
Professional photo equipment requires press accerditation. Press accreditation & photo passes will be granted for media personnel only, not private customers. Pocket cameras & cell phone cameras are allowed. All video cameras and other recording equipment are strictly prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited in immediate approximity of all stages. The indoor stage is completely non-smoking.

First aid & pharmacy
There is a first aid point at the festival area, which will serve during festival opening hours. The nearest pharmacy is located in REDI. Yliopiston Apteekki, Mannerheimintie 96, is open 24 hours.


Food & Drink
There are different kinds of food stalls and Black Dining à la carte restaurant at the festival area. List of restaurants in the FOOD section of this page. There are water taps for public at the venue.

You can leave your belongings in the cloakroom by the festival gate. The cloakroom fee is 3€. Please note that huge backpacks or other large items can not be stored at cloakroom. Those items can be left at the Helsinki railway station storage.

Download free Tuska 2019 app from the links below:

Android (

Alepa festival store
There is Alepa festival store at the area that sells groceries and other festival supplies at an affordable price.

Info Point
There is an Info Point in the festival area by the main entrance / gates. At the Info Point there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Deposit system & Recycling
Please note that in Finland all bottles are recycled. The festival has its own bottle recycling system, please do not trash empty bottles, place them in appropriate containers. Also, please sort your trash in appropriate containers, labeled "ORGANIC" and "MIXED". All utensils are recyclable.

Lost & found
During the festival, ask for your lost items from the cloak room near the entrance. After the festival, all uncollected lost & found items will be delivered to the Pasila police station lost property.

Autograph sessions
Autograph sessions will take place at autograph stand.

Signing sessions powered by Aku Ankka

Fri 28.6.
Battle Beast 14.45-15.15
Anthrax 15.30-16.00
Marko Hietala 16.50-17-20
Amorphis 17.45-18.15
Swallow The Sun 18.45-19.15
Jere Lehtinen and Gold medal 19.45-20.15

Sat 29.6.
Delain: 15.45-16.15
Lost Society: 18.00-18.30
Stam1na: 19.00-19.30
Kvelertak: 20.00-20.30

Sun 30.6.
Halestorm: 16.30-17.00
Rytmihäiriö: 17:20-17:50
Jinjer: 19.10-19.40


There are 2 saunas in the festival area, one of them located in the VIP 51 area. Sauna locations are marked with green color in the map of the festival area.


Payment methods
We accept all forms of payment: mobile payment, credit & debit cards and cash. We recommend to use mobile and card payment.


After Parties

Fri 28.6.
Oceanhoarse, Misterer, Pulse

Sat 29.6.
Block Buster, Vagabond Hearts, Tocornal

Pre-sale tickets and with Tuska ticket/wristband 10€, tickets from the door 15€. Presales: Tiketti.

Fri 28.6.
Stereo Terror DJ’s
Tickets: 3€ + 3€ cloak room fee
Free entry with Tuska ticket/wristband
Sat 29.6.
Tuska best of 1998-2019: DJ Sampsa & DJ Gary
Tickets: 3€ + 3€ cloak room fee
Free entry with Tuska ticket/wristband
Sun 30.6.
Shiraz Lane, Dirt, DJ Mikke
Tickets: 14/15€ + 3€ cloak room fee. Presales: Tiketti.
With Tuska ticket/wristband door ticket for half price.

Thu 27.6. Iron Maiden Day
Fri 28.6. Finnish Metal Day
Sat 29.6. The Big Four Day
Sun 30.6. Swedish Metal Day
Free entry.