Tuska Festival area is located on the Suvilahti event field.

Festival area opening hours
Fri 30.6.2023  14:00 - 01:00
Sat 1.7.2023  13:00 - 01:00
Sun 2.7.2023  14:30 - 23:00

The last artist of each day will conclude their show 60 minutes before the festival gates close.

Arriving to the festival and wristband exchange
The festival entrance is near shopping center Redi, the corner of Koksikatu and Leonkatu. There is only one public entrance. Wristband exchange TBC.

The best way to arrive to Tuska is by public transport: closest metro stop is Kalasatama, at shopping center Redi.

See Helsinki City Transport website for details.

Please note that parking in Helsinki is chargeable. REDI has a large parking garage, where parking can be purchased.
Unfortunately there is no public parking for cars or bicycles at the festival.

To book a taxi call 0100 0700.

Age limit
Age limit for Tuska 2023 is 18 years for all customers. Be prepared to present identification.

Map of the festival area TBC


Please go to tickets page:

1-day VIP Area 51 tickets from 209,00€
3-day VIP Area 51 tickets from 339,00€

VIP Area 51 -ticket includes:
- Tuska 2023 VIP pass, lanyard & wristband
- access to the VIP area 51 with a restaurant & sanitary facilities
- one meal voucher each day the VIP pass is valid.


Please go to Tuska KVLT page:


Physically disabled and visually impaired customers can bring an escort (1 person). Escorts of disabled people do not need to buy a ticket to access the festival area. There are viewing platforms near the mixing desks of the stages. The accessible route from the main gate to the festival files is marked on the map. Please note that other the routes include stairs.

All toilet areas shown on the festival map include accessible toilets.


Accommodation & Ticket bundles
Hotel & ticket bundles are now available via Elämys, More info from this link: Elämys / Tuska 2023

The closest camping area is Rastila, by the metro stop of the same name.



Security check
The festival security personnel will check you at the security check before entering the festival area. The agelimit to the festival is 18 years. Please be prepared to present your ID, security will check ID's when entering the festival area.

You can leave your belongings in the cloakroom by the festival gate, after the security check. The cloakroom fee is 3,50€. Please note that huge backpacks or other large items can not be stored at cloakroom. Those items can be left at the Helsinki railway station storage.

Harrassment contact person
You can report a possible harassment situation or inappropriate behaviour to the nearest festival security or if needed, contact Tuska’s designated harassment contact person either by email or phone +358 46 898 9321. The email address and phone number are available for festival-goers from 30th June onwards.

Tuska’s harassment contact person is a qualified social work and health sector professional and will be on call the entire festival weekend. The harassment contact person will be able to provide help and support on site and guide towards further help and support outlets. 

You can also make a harassment report at any time of day or leave a callback request via email. By phone the harassment contact person is available on the festival opening hours and even after the festival on weekdays in July between 11am–1pm. You can make a harassment report by email until the end of July. If there’s anything troubling you after the festival, please don’t hesitate to contact her. 

At Tuska, we have a zero tolerance towards all kinds of harassment and inappropriate behaviour. Everyone at the event is responsible for their own behaviour. All inappropriate behaviour or activity that causes insecurity or is hurtful is considered harassment and will not be tolerated. One must respect other people’s own space and everyone has the right to physical and psychological inviolability. Always make sure you get the other person’s consent before getting into closer encounters with them so that there aren’t any misunderstandings on either side. Don’t assume but ensure.

Festival safety
A large group of professionals from event safety personnel to harassment contact person are looking after the safety of the event. On top of that there are also police and emergency services on site. You can recognize the event safety personnel from their bright yellow or orange vests. Please contact them in any issues. 

Prohibited items
Bringing your own alcohol beverages to the festival area is strictly prohibited. Bag check will be in effect upon entering the festival. You can bring one (1) transparent, unopened plastic bottle of non-alcoholic beverage, or a transparent and empty plastic bottle per customer. Max. size 0,5 litres. Security personnel is allowed to forbid any "suspicious" bottles and ask to leave those to the cloakroom.

Please note safety with accessories (especially extremely studded bracelets etc.) and clothing.

Professional camera equipment, all recorders, cans, bottles, umbrellas, disposable grills and all things that can be considered dangerous are strictly prohibited, at the security personnel's discretion. It’s not allowed to bring animals to the festival area.

Fold out chairs
Fold out chairs are permitted in the festival area, but not in front of the stages or other highly crowded areas.

Cameras & Recording
Professional photo equipment requires press accerditation. Press accreditation & photo passes will be granted for media personnel only, not private customers. Pocket cameras & cell phone cameras are allowed. All video cameras and other recording equipment are strictly prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited in immediate approximity of all stages. in tents, under covers, indoors stage and queueing areas. Please respect others when smoking.

First aid & pharmacy
There is a first aid point at the festival area, which will serve during festival opening hours. The nearest pharmacy is located in REDI. Yliopiston Apteekki, Mannerheimintie 96, is open 24 hours.

The Tuska festival has been granted the Check! label for safe events by the Finnish event industry association Tapahtumateollisuus ry.


Responsibility for Tuska means concrete actions and development work in each of the three areas of sustainable development: social responsibility, environmental responsibility and economic responsibility. By developing all three in a balanced way, we are accelerating change for the better.

In a nutshell:
-    Tuska is a tribe that is safe to belong to. Going crazy, shouting and having fun are basic rights for everyone at Tuska. Everyone is allowed to do these things as long as they respect others and the principles of equality, fairness and diversity.
-    The focus of our environmental work is on reducing the environmental impact of the event and promoting environmental responsibility and awareness in cooperation with festival partners, service providers, subcontractors and the public. We are constantly working towards more sustainable solutions and compensating for what we cannot immediately change for the better.
-    Tuska indirectly employs around a thousand people a year. The economic multiplier effects of the festival weekend are significant for many sectors and actors.
-    Tuska’s influence extends to society’s backstage, from co-operation with local residents to increasing social inclusion and supporting low-income families.

Read more about Tuska sustainability.

How to act responsibly in the Tuska festival area:

1.    Use public transport to get to and from Tuska.
2.    Try not to generate food waste and drink waste.
3.    Recycle actively: dispose of your trash in either biowaste or mixed waste containers.
4.    Return deposit cans to their collection points.
5.    Use the tap water points located throughout the festival area.
6.    Come as you are, but don’t cause a nuisance to others. If you observe inappropriate behaviour, inform one of the stewards or our harassment contact person.




Payment methods
We accept credit & debit cards and mobile payment. Note! No cash!


After Parties



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