ASDAMA HEL, Suvilahti, May 2020

ASDAMA HEL – Tuska will burn Helsinki’s new attraction where loneliness, fear, frustration and pain are handled collectively

A new monument will rise in Suvilahti, Helsinki and anyone can take part in shaping it. Community artwork ASDAMA HEL (Assembly of Dark Matter Helsinki) makes an effort to accommodate the need for togetherness highlighted by these exceptional times. People can’t get together but thoughts, ideas and items can.

”Sometimes it’s good to burn waste from your thoughts and mind. ASDAMA HEL offers a concrete possibility for doing this. We challenge people to process loneliness, fear, frustration and pain with creativity and courage, freely as a community”, elaborates Jenni Kääriäinen, the Head Designer of Tuska Art & Design.

People are encouraged to participate with a series of short videos that instruct in easy, home-made art and handicraft projects. The first of the four videos will be published on April 30th as the community artwork in Suvilahti is opened, ready to rise nearly for a month.

Anyone is invited to add their pieces in the monument whenever suitable. The building process of ASDAMA HEL can also be followed online in ASDAMA HEL Facebook event. One can also take part in the project by making handicrafts at home just for fun without physically adding them to the monument or by joining conversation on social media under #asdamahel.

The monument will be burned while the city sleeps, towards the end of May. Burning the installation pays homage to the vulnerability of life and the temporary nature of everything.

”At some point, though, you need to leave behind the world rising from the darkness. In ASDAMA, it literally goes up in smoke so that we can continue with a little less burden. Perhaps in another time, in another place and situation, ASDAMA will be needed again to deal with new issues”, Kääriäinen continues.

The trinity of sustainable development to guide the project

Using natural, clean and burnable materials only requires some imagination but being environmentally friendly is a lifeline for the project. The threshold for participating has been made as low as possible: the materials used in the videos are inexpensive and many can be found ready at home or the woods nearby. In the core of the artwork are social effectivity and responsibility – also important factors for The City of Helsinki taking part in the project.

”The spring has been exceptionally tough with idleness, loneliness and fear creeping into our lives. ASDAMA HEL provides the residents of Helsinki with something meaningful to do, a sense of community and hope. We are more than happy to participate in the project! The exceptional circumstances require sustainable actions and way of thinking from event organizers and Tuska organisation is showing some great example here”, says Sanna Forsström, Head of Marketing in The City of Helsinki.

Tuska Art & Design focuses on conceptual design as well as effectivity and sustainability strategies. Tuska Art & Design is part of Tuska family along with Tuska Festival and TuskaLive concert agency. ASDAMA HEL is the first major production of Tuska Art & Design and it will be implemented in cooperation with the City of Helsinki.

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