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For the third year, Tuska’s Solmusali Stage offers an alternative way to spend your time at a metal festival: discussion about subjects close to metal. The man behind the discussion events is metal scholar Toni-Matti Karjalainen from Aalto University, who also organizes the academic Modern Heavy Metal Conference in Helsinki prior to Tuska.

Biggest fantasy-, horror-, scifi- and action-focused film festival in the entire Scandinavia, Night Visions International Film Festival, has curated program for every event day at Solmusali, which works as an excellent warm-up for the music selection.

Fri 29.6.2018

hrs 15:30 - 16:30
"Critical headbanging"
The second edition of the panel discusses the role and impact of ethical voices within metal music. Musicians are increasingly addressing critical themes such as social problems, environmental issues, animal rights, and gender equality. Are criticality and morality the new black in metal? This will be contemplated by The Charm The Fury vocalist Caroline Westendorp from the Netherlands, metal researcher Amanda DiGioia from the U.S., Humavoid singer/keyboardist Suvimarja Halmetoja from Finland, as well as Leprous singer/keyboardist Einar Solberg and guitarist Tor Oddmund Suhrke from Norway. Discussion is moderated by metal researcher Toni-Matti Karjalainen. The event will be held in English.

hrs 17.00
Night Visions presents:
Iron Sky The Coming Race and the future of universe
Director and visionary Timo Vuorensola presents internationally the most expected Finnish movie Iron Sky The Coming Race, sheds light on the next moves of Iron Sky universe and offers exclusive audiovisual material from movie saga to Tuska people.

Sat 30.6.2018

hrs 15:30 - 16:30
"Black as hell, part 3"
For the third consecutive year, this traditional Tuska panel reviews and evaluates the level of darkness in modern metal, in a familiar quasi-serious spirit. Horror-author Marko Hautala, journalist Laura Vähähyyppä and academic musician Kimi Kärki join the discussion that is moderated by metal researcher Toni-Matti Karjalainen. The event will be held in Finnish.

hrs 17.00
Night Visions presents: Short Cuts
Sound from the Deep (director Joonas Allonen & Antti Laakso, Finland 2017, length 29 mins)
Voyager (director Kjersti Helen Rasmussen, Norway 2017, length 7 mins)
Don't Open Your Eyes (director Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Sweden 2017, length 11 mins)
Sons of Bitches (director Arnaud Baur, Switzerland 2017, length 20 min)
Alisa (director Johannes Lilja & Anne-Mari Musturi, Finland 2018, length 13 min)
The unknown soldier Redux (director Anssi Määttä, Finland 2017, length 5 min)

Sun 1.7.2018

hrs 15:30 - 16:30
"Metal and nostalgia"
A commonplace observation is that the metal audience is generally getting older, and likes the old stuff. And many artists are continuing their long careers founded even decades ago. It is all about nostalgia. We all love nostalgia, don’t we. Forever young. But can nostalgia also become a curse? How do the artists balance between modernity and backwardness? Discussants are Temple Balls vocalist Arde Teronen and music journalist/writer Ari Väntänen. The discussion is moderated by metal researcher Toni-Matti Karjalainen. The event will be held in Finnish.

hrs 17.00
Night Visions presents:
Rob Zombie: 31 (USA 2016, length 88 mins)
So far the latest movie of Rob Zombie thrusts bunch of funfair workers right next door to hell. The movie offers rough white trash aesthetics, winks to the direction of cult movie canons and of course uncompromisingly graphic visualization. Leading actors of the movie are A Clockwork Orange icon Malcom McDowell and of course director maestro’s better half Sheri Moon Zombie.
The next Night Visions film festival will take place in Helsinki 21.-25.11.2018. For more information see &

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