The spring has been extremely heavy and slow, but the mental corpse paint never fades. Not many, if any of us have ever experienced such an exceptional situation and we’re still in the dark about what the near future will bring. It seems to be hazy. Dark as the soul of a goth and hazy as the head of a stoner metal fan! The novel corona virus storm came unexpected and without a warning and the uncertainty roasts us both, the organizers of Tuska, and you, our dear audience. And that sucks!

As of now, we might be able to festival in the summer or not. We monitor the situation and the changing regulations non-stop and we promise to keep you in the loop. When we know something, you know, too.

But, we are in this together and you Tuska tribe are by far the best festival audience of all. Let's take care of each other, wash our hands and raise a toast remotely! You are not alone. At some point, the situation will inevitably be solved, but right now we can only wait and see.

Anthrax 2022
AE 2022