Tuska 2019. Kuva: Joonas Brandt

Tuska 2022 app is out – download now!

Here’s a very useful extension for your arm in Tuska: The Tuska app! When does my favourite band play? Where to get food and what kind? I also need to pee. Tuska application is the festival squeezed into your pocket. Should anything puzzle your mind, you’re likely to find the answer in the app.

The popular & desired Tuska service is ready to download for Android and iOS. The app has been coded by the wizards of Tietoevryn velhot. Here’s a couple of highlights of the app.

The presale of Tuska and band merchandise happens in the app. You can pick up the pre-ordered products in Tuska Check In. It is located in Redi on the street level. The smart ones will exchange their festival wristbands with the same visit and it’s awesome to wear the 2022 T-shirt already when walking in through the entrance gates of the festival! See the opening hours of Tuska Check In.

Mark artists as favourites and build your personal Tuska schedule. Depending on the amount of the brisk metal feeling, the receiver will follow his/her/their own plan or not. Hey, Tuska is about pleasure! It’s also nice to compare lists with fellow metalheads and agree on meeting “on the left side of the stage”.

Tietoevry and Tuska have developed a new feature to the app. There is a button for contacting the harassment contact person directly with a push of a button. It is important that you get help fast if needed. This is why we created a direct line in addition to phone number and email. However, let’s do the festival so that despite the wicked code wizardry, this feature will be totally unnecessary.

Download the app now and may your Tuska be eternal:


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