Tuska, the premium Finnish metal festival taking place in Suvilahti, Helsinki during the weekend of 1.-3.7.2022 is approaching fast. There have been some unfortunate cancellations but on the other hand, new acts have been added to the line-up.

Ukranian Jinjer and 1914 Tuska shows have been unfortunately cancelled due to the ongoing war in their home country. Additionally, The Birthday Massacre have been forced to cancel their performance due to the unexpected death of their manager.

New additions to Tuska line up are progressive rock phenomenon Vola who come from the city of Copenhagen, Finnish hard rock machine Reckless Love who recently published their new album Turborider and Helsinki-based death metal act Church of The Dead.

Tuska is raising emergency funds to Ukraine through UNICEF Finland.

Tuska 2022 Artists:
Korn, Mercyful Fate, Deftones, Carcass, Amorphis, Kreator, Devin Townsend, Heilung, Stam1na, Beast In Black, Stratovarius, Northern Kings, Symphony X, Mokoma, Baroness, Eluveitie, Insomnium, Soilwork, Lost Society, Blind Channel, Reckless Love, Joe Lynn Turner, Gloryhammer, The Dark Element, Perturbator, Red Fang, Elder, High On Fire, Vltimas, Oranssi Pazuzu, Vola, The Night Flight Orchestra, Wheel, Omnium Gatherum, Lähiöbotox, Bloodred Hourglass, Shape Of Despair, Church of The Dead, Marianas Rest, Humavoid, Detset, Polymoon, One Morning Left, Verikalpa, Enphin, Abstrakt, The Rivet, Shereign, Amoth,
Astralion, Denominate, King Satan, Cryptic Hatred, The Mist From The Mountains, Rebellix, Edge Of Haze, Atlas

All Tuska 2022 -ticket categories are available though official Tuska ticket outlets Tiketti, Ticketmaster, and Festicket.

Day tickets from 109,00€
Two-day tickets from 139,00€
Three-day tickets from €169,00

VIP Area 51 day tickets from 189,00€
VIP Area 51 three-day tickets from 289,00€

Age limit for Tuska is 18+.

TUSKA 1.–3.7.2022
Helsinki, Suvilahti

AE 2022
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