Tuska sustainability

Tuska 2022: Here's how you can act sustainably at the festival

The festival weekend is upon us! Here’s a list of tips on how you can act sustainably at Tuska. 

    1.   Use public transport to get to and from Tuska
We recommend you arrive at the festival by public transport, especially by metro to Kalasatama metro station. The metro runs two hours longer than usual on Tuska Friday and Saturday, and also on Sunday you can get home or to the afterparty easily by metro.

    2.    Try not to generate drink waste and food waste.
There’s something for every taste when it comes to food and drinks. So finish your plate and pint in order to avoid waste.

    3.    Recycle actively: dispose your trash in either biowaste or mixed waste containers.
All the plates and cutlery used at the festival area are biodegradable. 

    4.   Return deposit cans to their collection points
The deposit money will be returned through MobilePay or payment cards. Please note that you should not dispose cans or bottles in the waste containers.

    5.    Use the tap water points located throughout the festival area.
The weather forecast says it’ll be very warm during Tuska. So drink a lot of water! There are plenty of water outlets at the food area, next to the festival info and every toilet area. Bring a transparent plastic bottle with you, max. size 0,5 litres. Fill it with water, and enjoy as much as you like. 

    6.    Come as you are, but don’t cause nuisance to others. 
If you observe inappropriate behaviour, inform event safety personnel or our harassment contact person. 


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