Tuska 2022

Tuska 2022: Saturday – let's go!

It's Tuska Saturday – let's go! If you need to wake yourself up after last evening, there's quality coffee on the festival grounds: With Lehmus Roastery's delicious cup of joe you'll get the contrast back in your corpse paint. You'll find Lehmus in Kattilahalli. Today the stages will feature for example Baroness, Stam1na, Blind Channel and the anticipated Mercyful Fate. The gates will open at 1 pm and the music starts at 1.30. 

A couple of points from yesterday: 

  • As predicted, the rush hour for the incoming audience was at its peak roughly between 3-4 pm. This caused long queues in Redi's Tuska Check In, but the wristband exchange staff was very efficient in giving wristbands to thousands of people, and the queueing varied from 20-40 minutes. There was no queues at the festival gates. Today it should be easier as the three day ticket holders have got their wristbands. 
  • With MobilePay the can/bottle refund system doesn't work, but you'll get the refund in cash. Other purchases work with MobilePay normally: buying food, merch etc. Also when buying a new drink after the previous drink, the previous deposit is compensated in the price. Card payments work normally. 
  • The rearranged festival area proved to be worthy of itself! In an event that is about to break its visitor record, there was room to breathe even during the most popular shows. The metal tribe found the water outlets and toilets in all corners of the festival area and they were used evenly.  

Now towards the second day of Tuska 2022! Welcome! 

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