Tuska sunday

Tuska 2022: Starting the Sunday!

Saturday was sold out -  thank you Tuska people! Soon the final day of Tuska 2022 begins and it means the party continues. Are you ready? The heavy delivery will be provided to you by Deftones, Jinjer and Stratovarius among loads of other bands. The gates open at 2pm and the music will play at 2.10 pm.

A couple of pointers:

  • The sold out Saturday brought 17 500 metal heads to Suvilahti festival grounds. How did they all fit in? Very well!
  • There's a change in Tuska Forum by HS program. From the group Confess, only Nikan Khosravi will be attend the program. Arash Ilkhani can't make it to Finland in time due to problems with flights.
  • Kids between 0-9 years are welcome to visit the festival area between 2-5pm with a parent who has a valid ticket for Sunday. There's pre-program for the whole family at Redi between 1-2pm.

Pedal to the heavy metal Tuska tribe, we have a full day ahead of us! Welcome to the third day of Tuska! 

Ne O 2023
Igorrr 2023
Sabaton 2023
Devin 2023
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