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Tuska 2022: Tuska Forum by HS speaker progam now finalized

Tuska Forum by HS speaker program is now finalized and constructed carefully on metal music culture’s basic principles. The themes of freedom of speech, truth and equality are emphasized in the speaker program ensemble that is erected in the Tuska festival area’s Solmusali building. The festival-goers will be able to experience the program live on site but the event will also be streamed live for Helsingin Sanomat newspaper’s subscribers. The speaker program will be available later through Supla podcast. 

The speaker guests feature an ambitious line-up of metal music’s international and Finnish stars and several acclaimed specialists and non-fiction writers. On Friday 1st of July, the guests list consists of social psychology professor Atte Oksanen from the University of Tampere, Attila Csihar who became known from metal legend Mayhem and freelance journalist and non-fiction writer Markus Tiittula. The themes of the history of extreme art are discussed with Oksanen, art and borders of free speech with Csihar and conspiracy theories with Tiittula. 

The speaker guests of Saturday 2nd July program are Tomi Joutsen of Finnish band Amorphis and the pioneer of performance arts Pekka Kainulainen who also writes lyrics for Amorphis. The topic of lyrical content ranging from Finnish folklore to modern metal is being discussed. One of Saturday’s speakers is also the singer-songwriter A.W. Yrjänä of Finnish band CMX with whom the themes of diversity of truths, alternative truths and research are discussed. The Saturday’s speaker program culminates in Tuska x Pride speaking session in which the discussion revolves around the topic of whether the voice of minorities is heard adequately in arts and culture. 

Sunday’s speaker program begins with the Finnish band Lähiöbotox’s vocalist Viki (Luyeye Konssi) who is also known in Finland as a media personality Seksikäs Suklaa. The topic focuses on cultural equality in Finland in 2022. On top of that the award-winning journalist Johanna Vehkoo will speak about the biggest threats towards free speech and the Iranian band Confess about what it’s like to live in exile because of their music. Confess now operates from Norway with new band members, without worries about artistic freedom. 

Tuska Forum by HS interviews are conducted by Jussi Ahlroth of Helsingin Sanomat and Laura Vähähyyppä of Radio Rock. The interviews of Attila Csihar and Confess are done in English. 

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