Festival area art

Tuska 2022: The versatile festival area art selection draws inspiration for example from mythology and circular economy

This year there’s more festival area art than ever in Tuska. The versatile art selection features several artists and collectives that create pieces of art to Tuska grounds. Subjects vary from human mind, mythology and folklore, modern way of life, death and local culture. Art is visible around the festival grounds and also at Redi’s Tuska Check-in by the wristband exchange. Here are our festival area art tips for Tuska!
Shadow Room Project
The collective operates closely on the aesthetics of darkness, creating scrap art and reinforcing UG culture’s visibility. The works of the Shadow Room collective can be seen around the festival area: at Redi’s wristband exchange, on Inferno stage’s grounds and at Kattilahalli’s food area.
Vesa Suni
Vesa Suni is a painter who depicts the human mind in his paintings. The self-taught painter works boldly by mixing different techniques. Suni's works can be seen at Redi's wristband exchange point.
Kirsi Vahtera, Routa Design
Tuska-goers know Kirsi Vahtera from her handmade sculptures and works of art that draw inspiration from Finnish mythology and folklore. At the festival area’s Oranssi building you can sit down and become amazed by her craftsmanship. Her artworks will once again take over the festival grounds from the VIP greenery area all the way to Food area.
Jori-Tapio Kalliola
DIY artist of the year 2021, Jori-Tapio Kalliola, comments on the current world and modern way of life in his art. The exhibition, located in the foyer of Tuska KVLT Stage, is open throughout the festival.
Ilmari Wärri - Death Artist.
Ilmari Wärri creates art from death to get more out of life. His creations, such as skulls made of concrete and coffins, can be found around the festival area. 
Mika Pettissalo
Mika Pettissalo does a tremendous job of promoting local culture, inclusion and the circular economy. Pettissalo performs in Tuska in an animal costume and helps to take care of the environment and the festival area. So if you see for example a black sheep collecting rubbish, go and say hello.
GoodKids ry
A five piece street art collective, GoodKids ry, has created street art and graffiti for over 20 years. During the festival the collective will work on a black metal themed painting near Inferno Stage.
Also the Tuska KVLT decoration team has been busy doing paintings in the area with help from professional artists!


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