The first edition of the Tuska Heatseeker presents you the very best of Finnish hard rock and thrash metal. Ladies and Gentlemen: Santa Cruz, Lost Society and Shiraz Lane.

Tuska Heatseeker will be the annual showcase for the contemporary hot Finnish acts with serious international potential, taking place the day before Tuska. In addition to metal fans getting ready for the weekend at Tuska, Heatseeker will gather a large number of music industry notables from all around the world. The companies taking part in this heavy duty metal export event are Finnish Metal Events, Music Finland ry, Modern Heavy Metal Conference, Live Nation Finland, Grey Beard Concerts & Management and Ginger Vine Management.

Santa Cruz is currently touring their current self titled hit album in the States with Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach.

Lost Society has toured all over supporting their highly acclaimed ”Braindead”-album. Thrash galore!

Shiraz Lane is the newest name of this trio. ”The band’s For Crying Out Loud” debut has been praised in the metal media and it has already taken the Shiraz boys to Japan, Canada and all over Europe. These fellas are just getting started.

Tuska Heatseeker 2016
Tavastia, Helsinki (Age limit 18)

Presales at Tiketti:

Ticket Prices (including ticket agency fee):
* Advance10,00€, box office 12,00€
* The holders of Tuska advance ticket can purchase the Heatseeker ticket at a reduced advance price of 8,00 € and 10,00 € at the box office. Tuska ticket must be presented at the door at Tavastia.

Show times of the evening will be up at: www.tavastiaklubi.fi.

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