Vegvisir 2020


Tuska 2020 neva 4get! Were you there? No shit, Sherlock. Because of popular demand, we made a special Tuska t-shirt to remember this special year by. Firstly, you can get a custom print on the sleeve. Ten characters of your choice: name, favourite drink, how you're feeling or something really deep. The sleeve text will be printed in Runic and special characters are allowed but no emojis, sorry. Secondly, preorders are being taken until May 31st. After that, these unique t-shirts with or without sleeve prints are made to order and sent out – no orders can be placed after that. These made to order shirts can't be changed, there is no inventory. Shirts with custom sleeve print can’t be returned.

Shopping this way:

The t-shirt's illustrated with this year's Tuska logo, a vegvisir a.k.a. a compass. Let it guide our way nowhere but onwards from here after this merchandise project.

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