Viking metal kings Amon Amarth return to Finland in December to celebrate their new ”Jomsviking”-album. The conquest will take place at the Black Box in Helsinki Ice Hall on December 13th.

The opening acts for the evening will be announced later.

The show is a part of TuskaLive -concert series.

Nineteenth annual Tuska Festival was celebrated over the weekend in Suvilahti, Helsinki. For the first time, Friday and Saturday nights partied on until midnight, thanks to the city of Helsinki. Tuska saturday was sold out with 11 000 metallers throwing down to the sounds of Ghost and impressive cast of other metal notables. All in all, Tuska 2016 gathered 28 000 visitors over 3 days.

Tuska 2017 will take place 30.6.-2.7.2017. Mark the date.

Tuska wants to thank the audience, the artists, business partners and everybody in the neighbourhood. We salute you.

Block Buster kicked of the main stage with their energitic dose of rock 'n' roll, Nuclear Omnicide opened Kattilahalli with their hi-octane crossover and Myrkur's esoteric black metal started the tent stage. Hatebreed just finished their set on the main stage and Diablo is about to start on the tent stage. There are still many interesting acts coming up, including Gojira, Katatonia, Nervosa and Children of Bodom's special set will close Tuska 2016. There's a bit rain in the air, so a raincoat may be a good choice.

Tickets are available and sold on Tiketti and at the gates.

Tuska 2016 Saturday was sold out. The sun and the bands gave their best to the metalheads during the festival’s second day. Brymir kicked off the main stage and one of the heaviest bands in the line-up, With the Dead, opened the tent stage. One of the most expected acts of the evening was Anthrax and they surely delivered once again. Stam1na almost blew up the packed tent stage. Saturday was closed by no other than the Grammy-winning Ghost. Ghost also brought a thunderstorm with them that sweeped over while they played.

In Solmusali Scott Ian gathered a full house when people came to listen what the old thrash legend had to say. Swallow the Sun played their exclusive acoustic set to hundred fans who were drawn in advance.

”It is great to see that metal is coming back - Old school bands are the solid cornerstone while bands like Ghost is the tip of the spear”, comments the festival director Eeka Mäkynen.

Saturday gathered in total 11 000 metalheads to Suvilahti.

Tuska will open its gates on sunday at 14:00.

Tickets are still available in Tiketti

Havok (USA) is forced to switch play times with Lord Vicar due problems with flights. Lord Vicar play 19:10 - 19:55 and Havok will be on stage 21:40 - 22:25. We are sorry for this inconvinience and thank Lord Vicar for understanding.

Tuska 2016's Saturday started where Friday left us. The weather is great again and With The Dead is playing on the Tent Stage while Primordial is preparing for their slot on the Main Stage. A lot of great spectales coming up today, including Obscura, Anthrax, Ghost and many others.

Saturday tickets are selling fast. If you don't have a ticket but are planning to come, now's your time to head to the ticket sales. However, two day tickets and Sunday tickets are still left.

Solmusali offers great discussion today, including Helvetin Mustaa at 15:00 and Scott Ian at 17:00. If your clothes are sweaty and/or dirty, feel free to leave them for wash at Bioluvil's wash spot. Also more seats have been added to the Food Court.

Remember to drink enough water, eat properly, protect your sking from the sun and ears from the loud music. It's gonna be a long day for us all, let's all keep ourselfs in good condition.

19th Tuska started in great weather with lots of sunshine and warmth. Avantasia just closed the first festival day and for the first time in Tuska’s history the headliner played until midnight. Also a brand new Helsinki Stage that was built in a tent allowed for example Behemoth to present their impressive The Satanist show involving lights and pyrotechnics. See few highlights of the day in full article.

Tuska 2016 has started nicely and the weather couldn't be better! Testament is just finishing up their set at the mainstage and Behemoth is ready to begin their the Satanist -show. There has been a lot of other great performances as well, such as Lordi's The Arockalypse 2006 Redux Show, Kvelertak's energetic show on the Helsinki Stage and Man With the Mission's playful show at the Kattilahalli. Also the sauna has been hot and the drinks cold the whole day. The day is far from over though, the aforementioned Behemoth is starting any minute, Beast in Black is also ready at the Kattilahalli and Avantasia will close the evening. Open the full article and view some photos from the day!

Norway’s celebrated action rock squad Kvelertak, who just released their third album ”Nattesferd” will return to Finland in October for 3 shows. The dates are 17.-19.10. and the venues are Tavastia in Helsinki, Lutakko in Jyväskylä and Rytmikorjaamo in Seinäjoki.

On the signing stand there are following artists present during the weekend:

Friday 1.7.2016
15.10 - Testament (Will be held if the transportation is on schedule)
17.20 - Kvelertak
18.50 - MANTAR

Saturday 2.7.2016
14.15 - Tsjuder
16.00 - Anthrax
18.00 - Turmion Kätilöt
19.20 - Stam1na
21.30 - Obscura

Sunday 3.7.2016
14.40 - Katatonia
16.30 - Children Of Bodom
18.35 - Diablo

Possible changes will be informed at the stand on the festival site.


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