The stage is almost set and the festival grounds are nearly complete. Tomorrow at 13:00 we open the gates and get this 20th Anniversary party started!

Tuska-yleisö by Kämäräinen

We managed to get a very limited number of Saturday day tickets for sale, so act fast if you want to get in on the action!

Apps 2017

Application time!

Polish proge masters to Finland!

Photo by Jesse Kämäräinen

Another way to spend your time at a metal festival!

Who, where and when!

Photo: Ville Juurikkala

Ville Juurikkala, Helsinki Art Museum HAM and Tiketti Galleria along in Tuska 20 year's party.


Anneke solo acoustic set at Tuska - win entry from Inferno.


Merch 2022
AE 2022
Bokassa x PoZ