Norwegian black metal pioneers Dødheimsgard have unfortunately been forced to cancel their upcoming Finnish dates due to tour logistical reasons. Dødheimsgard were scheduled to perform at Tampere, Jyväskylä and Helsinki on October 7.-9.

Bought tickets will be refunded at the place of purchase. Tuska Organization and the Artists apologize for the inconvenience.

The scythesmen of metal, Children Of Bodom will be releasing their new album ”I Worship Chaos” in October. The braingsurgeons of metal will be celebrating the new release by embarking on a Finnish tour which stops at Tampere, Seinäjoki, Jyväskylä and Oulu.

Sabaton Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

Sat 19.12.2015 Espoo, Barona Areena

Alice Cooper Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2015

King of shock rock, Alice Cooper lead the charge as the 18th annual Tuska Festival partied away in sunny Suvilahti, Helsinki over the weekend. More than 25 000 metal aficionados saw and heard 42 bands, bathed sauna, enjoyed the improved food services and generally had an excellent time.


Abbath at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2015

First two Tuska days have provided plenty of experiences and a fistful of metal for more than 17 000 people. Saturday highlights included Abbath's world debut and In Flames headline show, among others.


Right now, TUSKA audience is having a blast while witnessing ABBATH’s world premiere. At the same time Dark Side Of The Mime serves fest goers with dark themed theater at Club Stage and evening will end to IN FLAMES set taking place at Radio Rock stage at 20.30. 

TUSKA 2015 DAY 2


TUSKA mayhem goes on as the second fest day begins. First bands to hit the stages are BLOODBATH and SPAWN FROM DECEIT. ABBATH’s world premiere will be witnessed on Inferno Stage and IN FLAMES is the band to close the Saturday’s programme at the Radio Rock Stage.

TUSKA 2015 – the mayhem is on!

Tuska 2015 avaa porttinsa tänään!


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