Norway’s celebrated action rock squad Kvelertak, who just released their third album ”Nattesferd” will return to Finland in October for 3 shows. The dates are 17.-19.10. and the venues are Tavastia in Helsinki, Lutakko in Jyväskylä and Rytmikorjaamo in Seinäjoki.

On the signing stand there are following artists present during the weekend:

Friday 1.7.2016
15.10 - Testament (Will be held if the transportation is on schedule)
17.20 - Kvelertak
18.50 - MANTAR

Saturday 2.7.2016
14.15 - Tsjuder
16.00 - Anthrax
18.00 - Turmion Kätilöt
19.20 - Stam1na
21.30 - Obscura

Sunday 3.7.2016
14.40 - Katatonia
16.30 - Children Of Bodom
18.35 - Diablo

Possible changes will be informed at the stand on the festival site.

Tuska 2016 starts today and the gates will open 13:00. First band to take the stage is Cattle Decapitation at 14:00 on the main stage. The Tuska-Kiosk will be open today from 12 to 16. You can change your three day tickets to wristbands there and you can also buy Tuska merchandise + tickets there. All tickets are still on sale also at the webstores and at the gates.

Remember to drink enough water, eat properly and protect your hearing and skin from the sun. Earplugs are sold at the festival site.

But most of all, remember to keep the good spirit, mosh and enjoy the music! Welcome!

You can view some photos from Tuska Heatseeker on the website news-section.