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REDI is your gateway to Tuska! The shortest route to the mosh pit is via the REDI shopping centre and Kalasatama metro station, both of which are official access routes to the festival grounds this year. Tuska will be visible all throughout the shopping centre, where you will also find a help desk for exchanging wristbands, an info desk and even a Tuska store. So follow your combat boots and head for REDI – ready, steady, go!

Any chance of getting a beer? No problem! KOFF lubricates hoarse throats better than goat’s blood while charging your batteries before entering the mosh pit. KOFF is your best friend on the first day of the festival, just as it is on the last day. The amber nectar of Kerava is the official thirst-quencher of Tuska!

The attitude is pure rock! The cloven-hoofed ruler of the main stage is Finland’s undisputed number one rock station, Radio Rock, which will spread the festival vibe from both the stage and over the radio waves!


Helsinki awaits! Don’t miss the blackest weekend of the summer; take the devil by the horns and grab your Tuska tickets from Ticketmaster – and don’t delay!


Caught in a Mosh! Book your place in the mosh pit; let your three-headed dog lead the way and grab your tickets from – and don’t delay!

Corpse paint ready, combat boots polished and ammunition belt filled – but you still don’t have a ticket? Don’t be put off by the bright colours on the ticket; the weekend will definitely be black. Grab your tickets from Tiketti – and don’t delay!


  • Alepa is like a heavy-metal neighbour that you know by name. Drop by and grab all the snacks you need. And if you plan on getting wet – from the rain or sweat or whatever – you can also pick up rain ponchos and other gear so your corpse paint won’t run. You can find all this and more at the Alepa container on the festival grounds – and without any marked-up prices either!

  • What time was that Norwegian band playing? Where can we get some food to eat – and what time does the after-party begin? Don’t rely on rumours floating around; download the Tuska app by Tieto and you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips!

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