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Head out of the metro gates, through the gates of the REDI shopping centre and grab your wristband. Maybe make a pitstop at the Tuska merch stand and meet up with your friends at one of the shopping centre’s terraces. Then you just have to walk through the black gate to the festival – the gateway effect really works! REDI takes care of everyone who arrives to the festival: whether you need your wristband or VIP or press accreditation.

When you enter the festival grounds, you will come across TuskaForum. Helsingin Sanomat and Tuska are offering a discussion forum that most definitely won’t leave anyone cold. Over three days, we are bringing together the most interesting international speakers to discuss the themes of truth, equality and freedom of speech!

Are the guitars buzzing in your ears and can you feel the bass in your chest? Good, then you must be at Tuska’s main stage. The festival’s biggest stage is hosted in its own right by Finland’s top rock station: Radio Rock. So raise your fist to the sky and let your hair fly!


You can forget all the “If only there was some beer” memes, as Koff will serving its happy juice and quenching thirsts on the festival grounds. Have a great time in the evening – just keep yourself fit for the morning too!

Helsinki is a Metal Mecca that has hosted Tuska for over 20 years already. The unholy ground of our capital city is once again serving as the stage for the summer’s darkest festival! Whether you are arriving from near or far, this city welcomes all metalheads with the warmth of purgatory!



  • Coins belong on the eyes of the dead! Thus, Tuska transforms into a cashless festival together with MobilePay, the biggest company in the Nordics in their field of business. Download MobilePay, make your payments fast & secure and focus on enjoying the festival. Naturally most common card payment options are also available on the festival grounds.

  • The coding wizards at Tietoevry are once again in charge of developing the Tuska app. With its handy notifications, the app serves as your right hand throughout the festival, so check it out ahead of time – as soon as it’s ready!

  • Edgrinton’s ambassadors will be bringing their beast barrels Kentucky bourbon to Tuska to the accompaniment of bluegrass banjos. Whether you are an experienced connoisseur of corn whiskeys or a complete novice, you will no doubt enjoy the first-class bourbons and expert service!

  • The Alepa container shop serves hungry and thirsty metalheads throughout the heavy festival weekend, in the good times and the bad. If Alepa doesn’t have it, a metalhead doesn’t need it. And without any marked-up prices either!

  • Inferno magazine and Tuska will be hosting Pikatuomio, which is your chance to dissect the live performances. Get ready for heaps of praise, harsh critiques and an unrestrained exchange of views as audience members are invited by Inferno’s music journalists to say what they really think!



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