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REDI is your gateway to Tuska! The shortest route to the mosh pit is via the REDI shopping centre and Kalasatama metro station, both of which are official access routes to the festival grounds this year. Tuska will be visible all throughout the shopping centre, where you will also find a help desk for exchanging wristbands, an info desk and even a Tuska store. So follow your combat boots and head for REDI – ready, steady, go!

Any chance of getting a beer? No problem! KOFF lubricates hoarse throats better than goat’s blood while charging your batteries before entering the mosh pit. KOFF is your best friend on the first day of the festival, just as it is on the last day. The amber nectar of Kerava is the official thirst-quencher of Tuska!

The attitude is pure rock! The cloven-hoofed ruler of the main stage is Finland’s undisputed number one rock station, Radio Rock, which will spread the festival vibe from both the stage and over the radio waves!


Have you settled all your accounts, or do you still owe your friend something? You split the cost of a bottle, but the coins ended up in the eyes of the dead because your leather pants don’t have pockets. With Pivo, it doesn’t matter who pays at the counter or how, since the mobile payment app makes it easy to settle accounts. You can even use the Pivo app to order official Tuska merchandise in advance, so you’ll be all set when it’s time to head to Suvilahti!

Helsinki awaits! Don’t miss the blackest weekend of the summer; take the devil by the horns and grab your Tuska tickets from Ticketmaster – and don’t delay!


Caught in a Mosh! Book your place in the mosh pit; let your three-headed dog lead the way and grab your tickets from – and don’t delay!

Corpse paint ready, combat boots polished and ammunition belt filled – but you still don’t have a ticket? Don’t be put off by the bright colours on the ticket; the weekend will definitely be black. Grab your tickets from Tiketti – and don’t delay!

Helsinki is a Metal Mecca that has hosted Tuska for over 20 years already. The unholy ground of our capital city is once again serving as the stage for the summer’s darkest festival! Whether you are arriving from near or far, this city welcomes all metalheads with the warmth of purgatory!



  • Alepa is like a heavy-metal neighbour that you know by name. Drop by and grab all the snacks you need. And if you plan on getting wet – from the rain or sweat or whatever – you can also pick up rain ponchos and other gear so your corpse paint won’t run. You can find all this and more at the Alepa container on the festival grounds – and without any marked-up prices either!

  • What time was that Norwegian band playing? Where can we get some food to eat – and what time does the after-party begin? Don’t rely on rumours floating around; download the Tuska app by Tieto and you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips!

  • Blood is used not only for dark rituals but also to save lives. Festival-goers at Tuska no doubt have more than just heavy metal flowing through their veins, so reach out your hand for those in need. Anyone who is not intoxicated is invited to donate blood at Tuska!

  • A heavy job at the margarine factory requires heavy entertainment afterwards. The trouserless leather-clad youngster from Duckburg will be attending a festival for the first time and his destination is, of course, Tuska! The festival’s autograph stand will have a Donald Duck theme this year, but don’t be worried – it’s tough being a duck! Think about it: how would you gesture the sign of the horns with just four fingers? \,/ By clicking on the Duck logo you can subscribe to Donald Duck and have it delivered to your home for the devilishly good price of just €6.66/month!


  • How can you make the darkest weekend of the year even darker? With a black tent, of course! A wash-proof metal head can survive in any weather, but not even the palest headbanger would want a biblical flood to turn their fried sausages and potatoes into soup or the harsh sun to boil their beer. The dark StopTeltat tent is also covering the Helsinki Stage!

  • As in previous years, the powers of darkness of will reign in the same inimitable fashion as Pågå once again supplies the festivals furnishings. The damn fine interiors and visual structures will have you wondering wither Pågå was also responsible for the Temple of Hades. For Pågå, summer without Tuska would be a sham – as the ancient stone tablets reveal, the unholy alliance between Pågå and Tuska has lasted already for 20 years this summer!

  • Tuska’s very own master blacksmith Kirsi Vahtera has forged iron for the festival since 2016 This summer, the Master is launching a new line of jewellery at TuskaExpo to satisfy the endless demand for quality gear – preferably Finnish – among festival-goers. These jewels are enough to make even the thief of the Sampo jealous!

  • Tricton is the torchbearer for the darkest weekend of the year! If there is no blood red moon to light up the murkiest corners of Suvilahti, Tricton will make sure that festival-goers don’t have to wander around in the dark. Custom Works makes sure you see what you’re meant to see without ruining the shadows and darkness!

  • Hurrikaanit provides relief at Tuska in the form of spacious toilets and numerous urinals, making sure that no one has to hold their knees together or wade through sh*t. Enough toilets and urinals will be roadied to Tuska so no one has to miss a single riff. Hurrikaanit takes care of business with a demonic gleam!

  • Waste management is not a game, so Tuska leaves it to the iron-fisted professionals at Remeo. They make sure the festival grounds are kept clean and that trash finds its way to the right address. As long as every festival-goer throws away their own trash in the bins, Remeo will take care of the rest – so you won’t have to step on any plastic in your combat boots!

  • Someone has to keep the headbanging pigs in their pens. Ramirent is in charge of setting up fencing like gardeners of darkness, while also supplying the heavy machinery. The quality products and services are surely certified by Lucifer himself, ensuring that the most dastardly weekend of the year is painfully enjoyable!


  • Bright makes sure that all the sounds are suitably throaty and the riffs tickle the ears of metalheads in all the right ways. In addition to the sounds, the Bright team is in charge of the lighting and video technology on the stages, as well as the stage structures themselves for the Radio Rock Main Stage and Helsinki Stage. These bacchanalias would not be possible without these titans!


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