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If only there was some beer… and there is! Have a great time in the evening but keep yourself fit for the morning. KOFF keeps the festival crowd rocking and the thirst on the far side of Kerava!

The gateway effect works! Head out of the metro gates, through the gates of the REDI shopping centre and grab your wristband. Then there’s only the gate to the festival, which you can just walk through. Tuska gave its little finger and REDI grabbed its entire calloused hand – this dance will get you into Tuska as easily as spinning in the mosh pit!

Are the guitars buzzing in your ears and can you feel the bass in your chest? Good, then you must be at Tuska’s main stage. The festival’s biggest stage is hosted in its own right by Finland’s top rock station: Radio Rock. So raise your fist to the sky and let your hair fly!


Are you the master of your ticket, or are you a slave to handouts? Either way, Ticketmaster supplies total Tuska to everyone for three days. You can even get VIP treatment if you want. The best way to get the most pleasure out of the festival is with the mark of a valid ticket on your bu… hand!


If you spend three days in a sweaty pit, a little break can do you good. Why not spend it in Tuska’s VIP Area 51? VIP and other tickets to the hottest heavy metal festival of the summer are available from!

It’s nice that your combat boots are polished and your ammunition belts loaded, but did you remember to take care of the number one item you need for the festival? A ticket – and a real one, preferably for all three days, too! So get yourself to Tiketti now, hop hop!

Helsinki is a Metal Mecca that has hosted Tuska for over 20 years already. The unholy ground of our capital city is once again serving as the stage for the summer’s darkest festival! Whether you are arriving from near or far, this city welcomes all metalheads with the warmth of purgatory!



  • The Alepa container shop serves hungry and thirsty metalheads throughout the heavy festival weekend, in the good times and the bad. If Alepa doesn’t have it, a metalhead doesn’t need it. And without any marked-up prices either!

  • What better way to enjoy Tuska than with a Single Malt! Edrington brings the finest drinks from Scotland directly to the festival grounds. Follow the scent of smoke and peat to the whisky bar, which you can find at Kattilahalli and the corner of Stage 3.

  • If you come up blank thinking about ones and zeros but still like dressing up to the nines, then Tuska is definitely the place to be. But if you need to solve critical problems, it’s better to leave your coding worries to Wunderdog. At the Wunderdog lounge you can rest your bones if you can’t handle any more bytes!

  • Faith no more? Don’t worry about it. TietoEVRY has all the cold hard facts and as usual has coded an app for Tuska with all the details you need to know about the festival, from gig times to the location of food stalls!