Tuska KVLT

Tuska KVLT application will open in spring 2024.

Tuska KVLT is a community that gathers together people interested in festivals, metal music and metal culture. It is a chance for everyone to be involved in the festival production but also gives you a chance to meet new people and get new experiences. Tuska KVLT exists so that new phenomenons in metal music and culture have room to grow and develop.

You don’t need any previous experience of volunteering at festivals to take part in the Tuska KVLT activities, but to participate you must be at least 18 years old and have a Finnish social security number. There is an orientation for all Tuska KVLT tasks. No salary or other compensation will be paid for the Tuska KVLT activities. Selected applicants will receive an email with more information about the tasks and timetables.

Tuska KVLT member benefits:
- Tuska KVLT shirt and wristband
- Meals between tasks
- An exclusive afterparty at the end of the festival
- A possibility to get a certificate of the tasks done at the festival

Please note that the Tuska KVLT member’s benefits only apply to those who have participated in the activities.

Want to play at Tuska? It's possible through the Tuska KVLT Stage band search! Participate in the 2023 Tuska KVLT activities with your entire band and secure your place on next year's Tuska KVLT Stage! The first 10 bands to register will be accepted. Registration of band members is done through the application form; just fill in your band name and members in the Tuska KVLT Stage section, and you're done! Bands that properly participate in the KVLT activities this summer will guarantee their place on the Tuska KVLT stage for the summer of 2024. KVLT member benefits also apply to those who participate in the band search.

You can follow Tuska KVLT on Instagram as well as on TikTok @tuskakvlt, and on Facebook in the Tuska KVLT group.

The Tuska KVLT experience consists of guided activities and free time at the festival, allowing you to see all dimensions of festival production! As a guided activity, Tuska KVLT tasks are available one week before, during and two days after the festival, and are carried out under the guidance of industry professionals. During your free time at the festival, while having fun, we hope you will inform the Tuska KVLT Coordinators if you encounter any kind of questionable behavior on the festival site.

In the construction teams, you will help get Tuska ready for the festival weekend, where you will be part of building an unforgettable festival experience for Tuska visitors. During the deconstruction, your task is to ensure that the various structures, decorations and furniture are packed up and stored away for future years! Activities during the construction and deconstruction will take place during the festival week and immediately after the festival.

Creating Tuska – that's what the construction team is all about. This team focuses on the construction and deconstruction of the festival. Tasks include building and placing fences, tents and signposts.

As part of the decoration team, you will leave your mark on the visual appearance of the festival, and transform the festival area from mundane to a metallic, festive look. The installation of site art, furniture and decorations are the domain of the decoration team.

During the construction, the sustainability team will ensure that recycling during the festival goes smoothly! For example, your task is to make sure that recycling points find their correct location on the festival site, so that proper recycling of the festival visitors goes like a dance - or more like moshing. Mother Earth rejoices ♥.

The teams and tasks during the festival will focus on customer service. Customer service is the most visible part of the Tuska KVLT activities for festival guests, where you will represent Tuska during the event. A calm approach to tasks is a golden asset in customer service teams. The teams' tasks are mainly carried out standing up. Most of the activities take place during the festival weekend. Please note, that basic Finnish language skills are needed in customer service teams.

At REDI's wristband exchange point, you will be the first contact between the customer and Tuska! At the wristband exchange team you will ensure that every customer gets the right wristband for the right day. With a good customer service attitude and attention to detail, you will go far in this team! Team members are needed for the wristband pre-exchange on Thursday of the festival week, and for the festival weekend.

In the bar & restaurant team, you'll be assisting in the festival's bar and food restaurants, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the festival world! Your tasks may include customer service, product restocking and other restaurant maintenance tasks. Team members are not required to have an alcohol passport or a hygiene passport. Activities take place during the festival weekend.

In the cloakroom service team, you will take care of customers' leather jackets and staple bags under the guidance of professional staff. With a service-minded and cheerful attitude, you'll do great in this team! Activities take place during the festival weekend.

In the merchandise team, you will assist the professional staff who will sort and sell the official festival uniforms and fan merchandise from Tuska artists. Your tasks may include customer service alongside cashier work, as well as sorting and arranging products. The team will be on duty during the festival weekend, when the merchandise point will be very busy.

During the festival, the sustainability team will focus on the operational and instructional aspects of recycling. For example, you can help with bottle collection or instruct festival visitors on proper recycling. Tuska KVLT ♥ Mother Earth. Activities take place during the festival weekend.

For more information and answers to any questions you may have, please email tuskakvlt@tuska.fi.

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