Combining one-of-a-kind metal concerts, state-of-the-art music video aesthetics and an entertaining travel show, Tuska Utopia sees Finnish artists performing in intriguing landscapes in the global home of heavy metal. Each hour-long stream includes a concert, an interview with the artists and a tour of the location in the spirit of a travel show hosted by Samy Elbanna from the band Lost Society. The episodes are directed by Taku Kaskela, well-known for directing both TV shows and music videos. Tuska Utopia is a new concept created and produced by the team behind Tuska Festival.

The first season includes 3 episodes; 3 Artists in 3 unique, unsual and breath-taking locations. Tuska Utopia is not a conventional concert stream, as the shows have been recorded in advance, mixed and post-produced to provide a top-quality concert experience. The streams will available for purchase on SemiLive platform a week apart from each other, starting on Friday November 13th.

Also, check out the cool Tuska Utopia merchandise on Tuska’s web shop. Stream ticket holders are entitled to a discount on Utopia Collection items with a promotion code provided with the ticket.

Ne O 2023
Igorrr 2023
Sabaton 2023
Devin 2023
SW 2023