Ville Valo, the majestic frontman of the world reknowed HIM is back at what he knows best; dark rock n’ roll romance. Valo, who goes by the moniker VV, has been working strenuously on his debut solo album ”Neon Noir”, which is to be released in early 2023.

His debut single ”Loveletting” released this past spring, gives the first taste of what’s to come. "Loveletting" is entirely written and produced by Valo and he has also played all instruments on the recording.

HIM, who sold millions of records during their career, was an enormous international success. Over the span of 25 years the band scored countless chart pole positions, radio hits, platinum and gold records, a Grammy award nomination and a number of other awards. HIM performed at Tuska 2017 on their farewell tour.

After the demise of HIM, Valo recorded the album ”Ville Valo & Agents” with the band Agents, performing the songs of the late Finnish legend  Rauli ”Badding” Somerjoki. The record went platinum and the following tour was completely sold out.

VV is always extremely welcome at Tuska. Anytime Ville, anytime!


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